Our Jewelry — Adamant Body Jewelry
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All of our jewelry is made with implant-grade materials to ensure the quality of our products and promote good practices in the body piercing industry to our clients. Below, we will explain in more detail the main characteristics of our products.

Material Certification

We analyzed and test all our Solid 14k Gold Jewelry and Titanium Jewelry by using DELTA Alloys & Metals Handheld XRF Analyzers to certified the composition of each one of our pieces. All our jewelry are nickel free, lead free and have lifetime guarantee for any manufacture defects.

Perfect Stone

At Adamant each crystal and natural stone is hand-selected, checking that the brightness, position, and setting are perfect for the jewelry. All crystals and natural stones are also obtained ethically, without causing ecological or social harm.

Quality Check

Our commitment to quality begins with a meticulous hand-selection process. Each piece is individually examined under a magnifying glass to detect any imperfections. We focus on ensuring that the material is free from scratches, the soldering is done both securely and discreetly, and that crystal and natural stone settings are meticulously crafted. Our attention to detail allows us to offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring that your jewelry is of the highest quality.